Dr Janin is a creative and imaginative companion for your biographical journey

Travel your story – past, present and future – with insight and enthusiasm

What is biographical coaching? How does it work?

Each person’s biography is a unique and adventurous journey. Following our path through life, we shape our own biography. We may not actually write our life story down – as in the original meaning of the word biography – but with the choices we make and the activities we undertake we leave the imprints of our life on the map of the world.

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Dr Janin is the only practitioner of biographical coaching in South Africa. Her unique brand of coaching combines organisational development, medical and industrial sociology and biographical counselling.
Academic Career Alert

I coach emerging researchers in qualitative research projectsThe Department of Research Capacity Development at Nelson Mandela University (NMU) offers my interactive training to groups of participants, but I assist also with individual requests. Ask me how I can help you.  


‘HELP! I want to do this qualitative research project, but I’m not sure how to go about it.’

Academic Qualitative Research Coaching

The researchers usually describe a comprehensive need for overall guidance in their research design: from pinpointing the focus and main research questions for their project, to choosing and applying methods and techniques, followed by how to describe and analyse the collected data. There is always the underlying need to come to grips with what is called ‘the qualitative paradigm’. Read more …



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The Benefits in Reading “A Lifetime of Personal Power”

To see the video, click here. Dr Janin: Well, here’s Dr Janin again, talking about my book “A Lifetime of Personal Power”. And, if I were you, I would be wondering why should I buy this book – yet another book. Well, I would like to share my reasons of why it is worthwhile reading for you. And the first main reason is because the book can help you to be more gentle towards yourself. It’s my experience that people can be very hard about themselves and very often stand in their own way in life because they are so…

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