A Lifetime of Personal Power – Second Edition

At every age we can use our human potential of unfolding our talents, defining our identity and awakening the hero in us.

Dr Janin signposts an encouraging journey through all the stages and changes of life. This 2nd edition includes a brand-new chapter “Onward from 63!” with an inspiring message about the magic in growing old. It weaves together real-life stories from her two homelands: Belgium and South Africa. Buy Your Kindle or Paperback Version on Amazon. Click here to shop.


21 - 28 The Adventurers - Dr Janin Vansteenkiste
Ek het natuurlik dadelik na die afdeling vir 63+ geblaai. Ek het nog net geloer, maar ek is gek oor jou lewensfilosofie. Baie, baie dankie vir die boek! Dis ‘n wonderlike geskenk. Ek sien uit daarna om veel meer te doen as loer en blaai. Boonop gaan dit my met my skryfwerk ook help. Dis moeilik om te onthou hoe mens byvoorbeeld in jou 30’s was.☺ Nou het ek die regte agtergrond vir my jonger karakters.
Chanette PaulAuthorSouth Africa

A Lifetime of Personal Power

‘Truly we all walk that tightrope between choice and destiny. Often we find ourselves on the rope without a balancing stick! This cahier offers you a balancing stick.’ ‘If you want to pursue your path in life empowered by a clearer understanding of the human biography, and encouraged by the stories of others, read on.’ ‘There are indeed challenges and opportunities at all ages. Knowing that there is a new source of power to be found, with every seven-year time gate we pass through, is enlightening. And it gives hope.’ ‘At every age we can use our human potential of unfolding our talents, defining our identity and awakening the hero in us.’ In her second cahier, Dr Janin shares her views on how you can transform the passage of time in your life into a passage of personal power. This book is based on her daily work of coaching people and their projects.

Leaders on the Bridge to Tomorrow

Managing people through change is like leading them over a rope bridge, away from the old habitat, to the new horizon. TO lead others is a challenge, a responsibility and often an act of courage. This book gives the framework for understanding the benefits of leadership coaching for organisations and businesses on the bridge to tomorrow.

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