[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Boosters like talks and team-building, financial rewards and bonuses all play a role to motivate staff performance. But a working environment driven by people who take pride in bringing their best needs to offer an incentive of a different, higher order. Each person working for you must feel a meaningful connection with their role in the larger set-up.

Do you recognize these problems? The HR department’s point of view:

‘We battle with absenteeism. How can we motivate our people?’

‘We have such a high turnover. Our best employees leave. How can we retain them?’

‘We are experiencing growing tension and lack of loyalty among staff …’

‘Our management is not quite up to managing people …’

And these problems? This time from the staff’s point of view:

‘We used to like working here, but now we just come for the pay cheque.’

‘The worst is the negativity among the colleagues.’

‘Even when I arrive at work with the best of intentions, in no time my motivation is lost.’

‘We live for the weekends and just don’t want to come back on Mondays.’

Tapping into their deeper level of motivation enables people to forge a link between the work that they do and their purpose in life. I offer a short workshop programme that gets participants ready to take responsibility for their career and to make their mark towards the goals of their organization.

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