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Face to face or online A short and encouraging programme, dealing with your challenges, decisions, a crisis or crossroads in you life. You describe and narrate what is happening to you and I give you creative feedback. You will define your next steps and be motivated to take them. The most common requests for individual life or career coaching are:
  • I have no direction.
  • I have lost my sense of direction.
  • I don’t know how to cope.
  • I feel stuck.

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Face to face most effective Coaching is focused on bringing clarity to the complex situation or demands you deal with. You describe your experience with your group or organisation and I function as your confidential sounding board. Together we define how you can best lead forward. This includes making space for your self-care and wellbeing. The most common requests from those in leading roles are:
  • I feel lonely and exhausted by all my responsibilities..
  • I am prompted to a leading role but am anxious and need confidence.
  • We face a big leadership problem in our organisation and I don’t know how to handle it.

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Not online Many problems in the performance of a team are caused by lack of effective communication skills. This is recently made worse in many teams due to the conditions of working separately from home. My team facilitation focuses on overcoming resistance and introducing a positive mindset and habits to use team-interaction resourcefully. Individual confidential matters are coached one-on-one outside the group. The most common aspects prompting interventions are:
  • Team members having no meaningful connection to the team effort.
  • Chaotic or unclear communication.
  • Interpersonal strife
  • Excessive performance demands on the team and/or low professionalism.

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