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Searching for direction and hope in your life or career? Share your story with me.

Transform your frustrations into meaningful goals and growth. My coaching offers perspective, guidance and motivation.


Strategy of Hope: How Normal is ‘Our’ Normal? Some weeks into their internship here in South Africa, a group of third-year students from Dutch universities shared their initial impressions. Each,

Strategy of Hope: ‘When I was a child …’ those magic words South Africa’s Winter 2023 kicked off early with a ferocious start. The ‘Cape of Storms’ lived up to


July 2022
Fireside Conversations
A Fireside Chat with Dr Janin
A Fireside Chat with Mieke

Mieke is an early-twenties adventurer from South Africa who spent 2 years au pairing in the USA. We settled in by the fireside for a long chat about her experiences there, her learnings, and the huge impact this time overseas has had on her life.


May 2022
Qualitative Research Training
online with Atlas.ti and qualitative research
Online with Atlas.ti and Qualitative Research

Dr Tim Pittaway captures the mood while post-grad participants are boarding Teams for our research workshop. The two screens are active, the reserve batteries are ready should the power go off, and everything is double-checked to  be functioning… We will be online for many hours…


April 2021
Fireside Conversations
Have your cake and eat it

We had our cake ... and we ate it! at my first open house. 12 business women + Werner's delicious menu + Lindi's Bonnievale Wine + a little stoking of the fire ... just the recipe for connecting and building relationships through shared experiences. I'm looking forward to the next one!

March 2021
Unity for Africa Foundation
iGems Programme

On 5 March I had the pleasure of presenting one in a series of work-readiness workshops to these 2020 matriculants, now engineering students in phase 2 of the Unity for Africa Foundation’s iGems programme. We worked through practical steps to develop positive, objective self-knowledge to foster insight and skill in managing their careers. They responded with such confident and enthusiastic presentations (as you’ll see in the photos), it was a truly happy day for this educator. A big thank you to Berenice and Babalo from the #UnityInAfricaFoundation for creating this great opportunity.



Thank you for your encouragement at the start of my research journey and for showing me that research is not something to be feared. You have touched my life and your words of wisdom when I needed it most, means the world to me.
Claudette LeppanMA Media Studies (Cum Laude)