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Coaching is a journey of discovery and implementation, honouring the individual's path through life.

Biographical coaching and counselling have a scientific and humanitarian foundation.

I am a professional practitioner of biographical coaching, combining medical sociology, organisation development and industrial sociology with empathetic counselling skills. I have a PhD in Sociology from the University of Leuven (Belgium), network internationally and live in Port Elizabeth/Gqeberha in South Africa.
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A catalyst for finding hope, a meaningful perspective and goals for your future – consolidated in a plan of action to manage changes and growth.

In the early days of my career, I never imagined my work would evolve into biographical coaching: I started out as a researcher ‘how to humanize health care’.

When I look at this starting point then – and look at the times we go through now: it seems the scope has widened: how can we need to bring more humanity into every-day life, into work, into coping with the uncertainty this pandemic had brough about …

Underneath all questions of the people who ask for coaching, there is a need to define meaning and purpose: in their home life, in their work or unemployment situation, in the heavy responsibilities they carry as leaders in their family or community, or as managers of their business.

At a turning point in my own life – I was having those questions myself… That is when i came across the power of biographical coaching. I experienced the impact. And I knew: this is the gift to pay forward: receving feedback that you never received before, and  finding out what makes your life meaningful.

Finding meaning is the secret of motivation. I focus coaching on exploring the potential of what lies in your future. A purposeful future makes us free  from what holds us back … Motivation to move on, to take on a new venture.

I am by nature a future-orientated person, always onto the next goal post and milestone… and I have found this is an energy that I can transfer.

Most feedback I receive says ‘You gave me Hope. And joy for life. And a roadmap to go forward’.

For being such a keen researcher of human journeys and voracious reader of biographies. … I have not settled down to write my own… though I often reflect how grateful I am that I somehow found a way to turn challenges into opportunities …

More personal info about some of the passions in my life, you can read in my book.

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