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Each of us has a unique story to tell about our lives. It’s important that we tell it. In a safe space, with Dr Janin as companion guide, telling your story helps you bring light to key events and truths that may have determined your path so far. But, it’s far more than a trip down memory lane. Within your story lie the clues to your potential, your purpose, your wellbeing and your happiness. These discovered treasures bring hope, motivation and the energy you need to map your new path to wellness.

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Looking back is the first step to moving forward

The paths we’ve taken in the past hold the keys to the choices we should make today and the actions we need to take towards wellness. Telling your story to Dr Janin reveals what makes you happy, what challenges you have faced and overcome, what hurdles have blocked your progress, what you once dreamed of, when you felt most happy, or most accomplished, and so much more.

Your unique story determines your individual route to wellness

Exploring your past, guided by an empathetic active listener; acknowledging the things that have happened to you and the things you have made happen; identifying key moments of sadness, happiness, indecision, resolve, impotence, power; activates you – the protagonist in your life – and energises you for the next part of your journey. You’ll find the self-knowledge, the potential and the motivation to step forward purposefully into the next stage of your journey.

The path we choose today becomes the story we will tell tomorrow

Facing a particular challenge?
Feeling that there should be more to life?
Looking for a jumpstart into your future?
Seeking the clarity you need to make an important decision?
Unable to find a “new normal” after Covid-19?
Grappling with significant life changes?

Invest in the future you. Take the time to tell your story and begin writing the next chapters of your life with the confidence that comes from true self-reflection and self-discovery under the guidance of Dr Janin.

On The Path To Wellness With Dr Janin's Biographical Coaching

Thank you for your wonderful and inspiring message of hope, grit, determination and never giving up! Your words resonated strongly with us and have set a strong and optimistic tone for the year!

John Ranking - BNI Ambassador

John Rankin

BNI Ambassador

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