[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]To lead others is a challenge, a responsibility and often an act of courage. Those of you who have the qualities to develop great, authentic leadership, may well feel daunted by the task.

With my background in sociology, organizational development and human interaction, I bring clarity to the complex situations you are dealing with. As biographical and motivational consultant, I help you make decisions and define your leadership strategies.

‘Do you recognise these problems in your working environment?’

‘There is no real leadership in our organization.’

‘There are too many people in positions for which they don’t have the competence.’

‘Our management meetings are like war zones.’

‘It is chaos at our place. No-one is directing the traffic.’

‘I have been promoted and I am scared stiff about what to do next.’

‘Our managers need people skills.’

People who have an influential position or play an active leadership role in their organization or company are often lonely and underprepared, feeling anxious, discouraged or exhausted by the enormity of their tasks.

Those who carry leadership responsibilities find support in seeing the meaning of their career. I help them appreciate their career positively, through the lens of their biography.

The fact that their organizations also have a life-span, and to highlight the opportunities in the organizational biography in order to define strategic leadership interventions, forms part of my leadership coaching.

The feedback I receive is usually a heartfelt thank you:

‘For keeping me going and restoring my faith.’

‘For having built confidence.’

‘For helping us with a plan of action.’

‘For getting us over the abyss from here to there.’

Like many others in society I am aware that we are critically short of good leadership. To develop and encourage good leadership is the No.1 priority in many areas of our society: in business and communities, in our educational system and in health care.

Is there hope that this problem can be resolved? What are we up against? What does really help? I have written about my experience with real cases, where negatives were transformed into positives, to highlight empowerment strategies in leadership coaching.

Read more in Cahier 1: ‘Leaders on the Bridge to Tomorrow’ by Dr Janin Vansteenkiste[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]