Khayalethu International Internship Programme

This is a good news blog! Allow me to blow the trumpet of teamwork that reaches for a dream. Perhaps you remember from an earlier blog the photo of the Khayalethu boys?  Former street boys, who have found their home at Khayalethu in the city of Gqeberha/Port Elizabeth. Khayalethu is a remarkable project, defying the tough odds and challenges of South Africa’s NGOs. It is only the blend of visionary leadership, dedicated staff and board members – all wrapped in the ‘warm blanket’ of donors and supporters – that makes this possible. 

Now about our team challenge…  For several years Flemish social work students have chosen Khayalethu for their internships. All the preparatory work to link internships with various placements in SA was done by an intermediary organization in Belgium. It was connected to various universities and colleges, promoted internships, interviewed aspiring students and selected the candidates. Then it offered all the necessary info of what needs to be done in Belgium to comply with visa requirements and to set up safe travels. Quite a multi-faceted operation!  

Early in 2024 this organization communicated its closure of operations. 

This news came as a shock to all at Khayalethu! Staff and boys enjoy the presence of the enthusiastic student interns. The students learn from their South African adventure and Khayalethu benefits from their input. A true win-win exchange! 

It was the ripple effect from this shock that galvanized our task team to create an alternative internship channel.  Have a look: visit What do you think? 

Our team of four brings together very different professional angles – but we are spurred on by the same motivation: If we don’t make it happen, the win-win exchange is lost. 

Amidst all that goes on in our world, it is really uplifting to be part of creating something good. 

Making up our A-Team