[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]As your biographical counsellor I honour your individual talents and strengths and the uniqueness of your path through life. You will transform your frustrations into motivation and meaningful growth. You will discover inspiration that lasts and obtain excellent life skills for your future steps ahead.

Do you recognise these problems?

‘I must force myself to work and yet I used to love my job. What is wrong with me?’

‘I feel it is time for a change, but I have no idea what I really want to do …’

‘I cannot do this work any longer – I am exhausted. We are stretched to the limit at work, but no-one cares.’

‘I don’t know what my talents are. I am not sure if I have any.’

‘I want to find the right career for me.’

‘I am at a crossroads in my life. I don’t know which direction to choose.’

‘I keep going by taking anti-depressants, but I want to get a positive grip on my life again.’

These are typical examples of what I hear when someone approaches me for help.

Mostly these persons have already gone round in circles in their own mind and have been given all kinds of well-meaning advice from family and friends … ‘But,’ they say, ‘it doesn’t feel right. I want to define my own answer and choose my own way forward.’

It comes as a relief to them to see their situation and their biography in a new and promising light.

Typical feedback I receive after working with my clients for 3 or 4 sessions sounds like this:

‘I would not have achieved these results on my own. I needed the structured “time-out” with you.’

‘Your way of working through my problems has given me a skill for life.’

‘You’ve been the channel for me to realise where my full potential lies.’

‘I didn’t even know what a biography was! But you made me feel proud of who I am. You enabled me to believe in myself.’

‘You helped me along this rocky part of my journey.’

‘Your encouragement for my decision gives me great relief.’

‘I needed inspiration and you have equipped me with the confidence for what lies ahead.’

To help achieve results like these I don’t use a magical formula. My face-to-face work sessions take you through a short, intensive and well-structured individual motivational programme. I honour the uniqueness of your life. Discoveries arise during conversations and feedback. It is from the creativity of our encounters that the solutions are born.

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