These workshops can be presented in different formats and durations according to the number of participants involved, your budget, and the time that is available. They are successful as half day, full day or multiple-day retreat sessions.

Leadership Empowerment Workshops for Women

These workshops focus primarily on the professional profile of women and integrate aspects of individual biographical narrative and career development with organisational and gender dynamics.

  1. Authentic Leadership
  2. Talent and Career Development
  3. Academic Career Development
  4. Career Start and Development at the Emerging Stage
  5. Women Transforming Academic Institutions
  6. A Lifetime of Personal Power

Biographical and Motivational Workshops for Women

These workshops prioritise the personal narrative and integrate the affirmative dimension of self-discovery, sharing and healing.

  1. A Lifetime of Personal Power
  2. Career Renewal and Reorientation
  3. Women in Academia
  4. Life and Career in the Life Cycles of Women
  5. Who am I and where am I going?

Professional Skills Workshops

These workshops all aim at developing personal assertiveness and confident professional performance.

  1. Professional Listening
  2. Difficult Conversations
  3. Dealing with Conflict Escalation and Bullying
  4. In-depth Interviewing
  5. Authentic Speaking before an Audience
  6. Confident Public Speaking
  7. Vision in Action

Training Programme:Life and Career Coaching
Based on Biographical Methods and Techniques

This is a unique programme – offered individually or to small groups – tailored to improve and enrich mature women’s know-how and skills to mentor, guide and coach others. It includes experiential case work based on aspects mentioned in workshops above.