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The Programme

Friday Evening:
A warm welcome in your small group (no more than 5 participants). We practice respectful listening and how to give constructive feedback.
What do your current frustrations or questions reveal from the bigger perspective of your whole life? We focus on your talents and how to make them work for you.
Inspiration and goals for your future develop out of the unique imprints of your biography, much as one used to develop the negative of a photo into its actual print.


The Approach

The group coaching is well structured and timed so that every participant benefits personally. We work together in a positive and hope giving atmosphere … and we laugh too! The workshop goes beyond mere problem-solving technique, and is based on values of coaching companionship.

The Life Stages

Each phase of our life holds its distinct characteristics and its unique opportunities for acquiring the qualities that pertain to those years: the footloose freedom in our early 20s, goal achievement in our 30s, soul-searching reflection in our 40s … and so on.

We tend to think about age categories as decades: periods of 10 years. But scientific and spiritual research has shown that our life’s journey is, in fact, subdivided into 7-year cycles; each distinct from the other yet interlinked in the life cycle with each phase handing on a guiding quality to the next.

7 Stages of Life - Dr Janin Vansteenkiste

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Dr Janin is the only practitioner of biographical coaching in South Africa. Her unique brand of coaching combines biographical counselling, organisational development, and medical and industrial sociology.

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