Each person’s biography is a unique and adventurous journey. Following our path through life, we shape our own biography. We may not actually write our life story down – as in the original meaning of the word biography – but with the choices we make and the activities we undertake we leave the imprints of our life on the map of the world.

Life and career coaching through biographical counselling

As leadership, career and life coach, I look at every individual’s talents and potential through the holistic lens of biographical counselling: the lens of each person’s unique story – past, present and future – as it develops in its own context with its own challenges.

Dr Janin uses each person's unique biography in life coaching
Each individual’s unique story is the focus of biographical counselling


No two people’s biographies are the same – though they may share similar backgrounds, communities and stages of development in their lives. There is no one life coaching formula that fits all. I take each person’s question as a new exploration, motivating and guiding you to your specific destination, purpose or goal.

Do you need coaching in your life or career?

  • Have you just been promoted, but are struggling with finding the confidence to lead?
  • Have you been in the hot seat of leadership for so long without help that you’re ready to give up?
  • Perhaps you have lost your sense of direction in life and cannot make a decision?
  • Is your experience and commitment ignored or discounted?
  • Is there a leadership crisis in your workplace?
  • Perhaps you’re struggling to find your voice? Do you communicate persuasively?

These questions come up in my life coaching conversations again and again. All of them link to the real human challenges of finding direction, meaning and purpose; of uncovering how to use our talents and how to stay motivated when the going gets tough.

You may notice that I often use the words life and career interchangeably. The word career originally meant “path through life”. We are so much more than our CV: we are the person behind our CV.

How does biographical coaching help?

  • Creative companionship on your journey of discovery
    During a time of search or uncertainty, I explore your biography with you, helping you find new insights and new enthusiasm.
  • Imaginative coaching on the adventure of your life
    Biographical counselling invites you to your future. It clarifies your vision. Once your vision is clear, you become a different kind of traveller.
Dr Janin is a creative and imaginative companion for your biographical journey
Travel your story – past, present and future – with insight and enthusiasm

Does biographical coaching help teams?

There is a difference between coaching one person at a time and taking a group through team-based coaching. Each form of coaching has its own merits. When a place of work needs to change and grow professional leadership, working with the team is often the best way forward.

What is the purpose of biographical counselling?

Always the purpose of biographical coaching is to liberate and strengthen the individual or team – not create dependence.

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